Maintenance Products

EuroDesign has developed a new range of teak maintenance products to meet the demand from customers and to make sure the maintenance/cleaning is done in a correct way so the teak look good for many years to come.

At the moment you can only buy the shampoo and the wax but more products will be available soon.

For Teak Shampoo and Instructions, please click here.

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You can download the catalog, here.

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Teak Shampoo
Teak Beeswax
Foldable Bucket
Teak Oil
Teak Treatment Sealer
Powerfully concentrated bioactived shampoo for regular cleaning of teak and teak composite. Removes the toughest stains (wine, oil, blood, organic fluids, salt, etc).
Does not discolor or bleach. Does not harm the caulk. Frequent use. Biodegradable.

Model : M-TS1
Size : 500 ml
Teak BeesWax used for general wood polishing specially for teak tabletops, teak furniture, and teak decking or other type of wood and stone.
100% natural ingredient, food safe, non-fragrance, natural shiny appearance, wood water protection, preventing wood decay.

Model : M-TW1
Size : 200 gram

Model : AMRF009C18
Size : 9 liter

Model : M-T01
Size : 300 ml

Model : M-TT1
Size : 500 ml