Installation & Maintenance Instructions

Why teak?

  • Beautiful and luxurious expression
  • Durable and with a long life span
  • Easy to maintain
  • Quick-drying
  • Natural anti-slip properties – even when wet
  • Doesn’t get unbearably hot in the sun
  • Resistant against cracks and twisting

Due to these characteristics, teak has been the material of choice for marine use among sailors and boating people for the last 300 years.

There is no other wood that even come close – whatever treatment.

Even though teak is the most durable of all woods and, through its natural oils, never rots – there is a certain degree of maintenance required in order to avoid unwanted reactions to the wood surface.

Please open the PDF-files and learn more about the maintenance alternatives available, depending on how much, or little, work you are willing to do.

Follow the simple instructions and your teak product will last as long as your boat.

For more information about installation and maintenance, please click here.