Under the brand EUDE Nautic you will find our tabletops using composite teak. The tables comes in various shapes, models and sizes.

Our tables has an unique price/quality formula and with a design that impress even the most demanding yacht owner.  The design of the Nautic star is a registered Eurodesign trademark.

Please go to www.genuineteakcomposite.com for more information.

Genuine Teak Composite Tabletops -
Classic Cut
Genuine Teak
Composite Tabletops-
Classic Comfort
Genuine Teak
Composite Tabletops -
Genuine Teak
Composite Tabletops - Wing
Model and Size
TT4060w - 37 x 60 cm
Model and Size
TH5070w - 50 x 70 cm
Model and Size
open : 90 x 50 cm
folded : 57 x 50 cm
Model and Size
open : 66 x 80 cm
folded : 33 x 80 cm