Composite Teak Decking

Eurodesign presents a new unique boat decking.

Composite Teak Decking
– 60% recycled teak
– 30% recycled plastic
– 10% binding materials and colors

Our composite teak decking looks and feels like real teak but with less maintenance.

Colors are Natural Grey, Euro Teak Brown and Light Yellow Teak as standard but any color is possible.

Benefit :                                                                                         

- Teak “look-a-like”

- Durable

- Low maintenance

- Environmental friendly recycled product

- Any construction, caulk not needed

- Anti-slip features

You can download the catalog, here.

Please contact us for more information.

Weathering Grey - Black CaulkWeathering Grey - Grey CaulkWeathering Grey - White Caulk

New Teak Brown - Black CaulkNew Teak Brown - Grey Caulk
New Teak Brown - White Caulk

 New Teak Yellow - Black CaulkNew Teak Yellow - Grey CaulkNew Teak Yellow - White Caulk